Red hides in the laundry room during thunderstorms.

Red hides in the laundry room during thunderstorms.

Where Do You Feel Safe?

A few years ago, I adopted a ninety-pound pit-bull mix through the local hospice organization. Red is a faithful companion who alerts me to neighborhood goings on. He loves children and greets them with gentle kisses. Nothing seems to faze him, except thunderstorms. Those have him hightailing it to the laundry room for safety.

The first time it happened, I was at work. When I came home, I was surprised he wasn’t at the door to greet me. I called and called. I walked through the house. He wasn’t there. At least that was what I thought until I opened the laundry room door. There he was wagging his tail.

“You silly dog, why did you close yourself in the laundry room?” I muttered. No telling how long he had been in there in the dark.

I forgot about the incident until it happened again. And a third time. Then I was home one Saturday when thunder raged and lightning flashed. Red bolted for the laundry room. That was his safe place. Near an interior wall with no windows, he felt secure. My dog was way smarter than I gave him credit for.

This made me reflect upon where I retreat when bad weather howls around me. Do I cower in the dark, fearing every boom? Or can I rest comfortably that God will see me through all untoward events and ensure I have shelter?

The Bible offers this assurance: “As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him” (2 Samuel 22:31 NIV).

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