When funds get tight, where do you seek resupply?

When funds get tight, where do you seek resupply?

I worry more than I should about finances. God always has delivered exactly what I need, but sometimes I still wrestle with trusting Him.

Do you also have concerns about money?

We can learn how to navigate budgets from the good example of a widow mentioned in 2 Kings 4 who consulted a wise leader for advice. She approached the prophet Elisha and told him about her need.

“Your servant my husband is dead, and you know that he revered the Lord, but now his creditor is coming to take my two boys as his slaves,” (2 Kings 4:1 NIV).

Not only was her husband dead, but she might lose her sons to pay off outstanding bills!

When Elisha asked her what she had in her household of value, she said, “Your servant has nothing there at all except a small jar of olive oil,” (2 Kings 4:2 NIV).

The widow had run out of everything except courage to save her children. Elisha told her to ask the neighbors for empty jars, then go inside her home and pour oil into the borrowed containers.

She didn’t pout because she didn’t get a handout. She didn’t argue with the unexpected answer. That lady got busy working. The boys helped her, and they all saw God’s grace.

She kept pouring, and pouring. The supply seemed endless. Then when she got to the last jar, the oil ran out. She reported the miracle to Elisha, and he told her to sell the oil to pay off her debts. She saved her sons and had funds left for them to live on.

Here are five truths from the widow’s story we can apply to our lives:

1 Consult with godly advisors to establish and maintain safe budgets.

2 Look for what God already has given, like the small jar of oil, and pray how to enlarge that resource.

3 Network within our community to find ways to re-purpose unused items.

4 Act in faith and do the creative labor God calls us to before we expect profit.

5 Anticipate good results, teaching our family that God is trustworthy.


Bible verse:

“Lord, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress,” (Isaiah 33:2 NIV).

Prayer for today:

Dear Lord, please give us wisdom about money. When we fear a shortfall, please guide our labor to productive pay so that we meet our obligations and secure our families. Amen.