Common gallinule rushes to an appointment

Common gallinule rushes to an appointment

Fall schedules speed forward, and we wonder how to juggle everything. Students race to catch the bus, and employees face deadlines. Housework never seems done. In the Bible, there are 763 references to “time.” But how do minutes add up on God’s clock?

People of the Bible outwaited famine, sieges, and occupations. Like them, we must count on the deliverance of God to make right those things we can’t. The Lord promised Moses in Exodus that the Israelites would be set free. They would not have to suffer hardship forever.

“The Lord set a time and said, ‘Tomorrow the Lord will do this in the land’” (Exodus 9:5 NIV). If you are struggling with a challenge, be assured God will act on your behalf. Stay calm and praise Him for what He is about to do. You will be amazed how He brings good out of awful circumstances.

The picture is of a common gallinule, which is a marsh bird in Central Florida. The red shield on the forehead signals an adult. Full-color photographs of serene lakes with Bible passages about spiritual journeys are available in the devotional, Living Water to Refresh Your Soul.

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