Restoration is possible with God's help

Restoration is possible with God's help

Pledge to Restore

Company arrived for dinner at my house. We planned a potluck, and everyone brought something to share. Conversation flowed easily around the table, with giggles and comments warming my heart. Following the meal, we grouped together for a Bible study. I love having God’s family gather in my home for sweet fellowship.

Later in the evening when everyone left, I finished clearing the dining table and noticed large watermarks. The beautiful wood was marred in three spots. What could I do to repair the damage?

The joy from the evening seeped away as I felt sad about the white rings on furniture I couldn’t afford to replace. I chided myself for worrying about household appearances when the stains evidenced a table well used. Wasn’t being together more important than a pristine surface? Hidden in my heart were flaws of pride and selfishness to acknowledge.

Went to sleep hoping by some miracle in the morning the stains would be gone. No such luck. There they sat for me the next morning. I felt loss. Something beautiful was no more.

Trudged to the computer to see if Google had any solutions. Lo and behold! There was a product with 10,000 favorable reviews that people said could fix the problem. I ordered the small package and waited for deliverance. Within a few days, the pre-treated cloth arrived from Guardsman. With determination, I rubbed and rubbed the hazy spots. At first, nothing seemed to change. Then the white rings vanished and the table looked restored.

Delighted, I thanked God for help hiding the damage. I waited another day, then applied lemon Pledge furniture polish and ran a soft cloth over the surface of the wood until the table shone and looked new.

Ready for company again, I know God will shine and protect the damaged places in my heart where I rely on appearance more than substance. With His expert care, He will remedy spots where I am hazy about what’s important. He will polish my outlook.

Guardsman Water Mark Remover for wood furniture is 100 percent guaranteed and costs about $10 for one reusable cloth.