Nature testifies to a Divine pattern.

Nature testifies to a Divine pattern.

The first time my secular and religious views collided, I was a teenager. In Sunday School, I learned how God created the world. That same week in public middle school, my science teacher assigned chapters on evolution.

In dismay, I contrasted the textbook graphics of apes transitioning into humans with Bible artwork of God making man in His image. Two well-respected authorities that I had been raised to trust contradicted each other. What was the truth?

Both institutions couldn’t be right. Either an all-powerful Deity designed nature or there was a series of random cosmic circumstances.

My search for answers led me to three points:

1. If the formation of the world was random, then why have constellations been constant since ancient times in the same predictable patterns for the 3,000 or so years of written history across continents?

A scientific forum records at least 48 constellations from ancient times where the modern names originated in Middle Eastern, Greek and Roman cultures. (A)


2. If animal life evolved from a simple cell into the variety today, then why are mules sterile?

A nonprofit organization records horses as having “64 chromosomes, while donkeys have 62.” Though similar enough to breed, horses and donkeys produce sterile offspring. How can “evolution” create multiple species, when even two closely aligned equines can’t? (B)


3. If there is no divine creation and living things simply adapt for survival, then why does every human have a unique fingerprint?

The National Library of Medicine published an article reporting, “The ridges begin to develop during the third month of fetal development, and they are fully formed by the sixth month.” (C)


These three pieces of evidence alone debunk evolution. The first book of the Bible records: “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.” I believe that truth and see nature testify.


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