Ever find yourself just going about your daily business, then WHAM! Something unexpected happens. Yesterday, I trimmed hedges with my trusty clippers in the backyard. Feeling satisfied, I reveled in working and making things look nice. Next thing I know, a small object darts before my face and lands on my lip. Sharp pain results. Too late, I realized I had disturbed a wasp nest. The insects swarmed me as I ran for cover. The little army won.

Thirty minutes later, my top lip has swollen and angry red inflammation has spread along my face and down my neck. I’d say the burn felt like lava but you’d label me a wimp. A neighbor suggested going to the local pharmacy to ask advice on how to stop the swelling. Vanity wrestled with pain.

“I look like Quasimodo to go out in public.”

My neighbor giggled. “This is one time you won’t mind wearing a mask.”

Luckily, I live near a Walgreens and drove there. I bravely wore my mask and walked to the back of the store, hoping no one noticed my deformity. The harried but kind pharmacist stopped working at his counter to come to the window for a consult. I unveiled myself and told him what happened.

“Benadryl is on the next aisle over,” he said.

Masking up, I headed where he pointed, grabbed that precious box of comfort, and joined the line for checkout.

Once in front of the cashier, my impish sense of humor kicked in. “Look what happened to me.” I slid the mask down a tad so she could see the lip now doubled in size.

“You poor dear,” she said as she ran up the purchase. “Looks like you got Botox.”

“Yeah, by a quack,” I retorted.

We both laughed. I left the store with a smile, even though lopsided.

When life stings, look for a way to hang onto joy. Humor is healing.

“God will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy” (Job 8:21 NIV)