Contemporary novel tracks flight to freedom

Contemporary novel tracks flight to freedom

Hello everyone! I am so excited to let you know that Ambassador International represents my first novel. The story began more than a decade ago, and the journey to publication has been an adventure.

During the next few weeks, I would like to share information about the main characters in Who Brought the Dog to Church? with an overview about the plot.

In the fictional town of Prosper, VA., three spry elderly women pursue friendships that delve beneath surface niceties of potluck dinners and hey-how-are-yous to see the pain and turmoil in their neighbors’ lives.

Mobilizing to be Christ’s hands and feet, the three main characters gambol through mischief and misunderstandings to come alongside those in need. While Betty Herndale fusses about Ida Lou Besco expanding evangelistic efforts by bringing a Yorkie to church, Letitia Larrimore meditates on soap operas and the dreamy Latino gardener who tends the grounds at the retirement community.

But not all is fun and light-hearted in Prosper. There the church ladies support a shelter for women fleeing domestic violence, and Sarah McAdams is brought via their underground railroad by Mayor Elizabeth Robinson across state lines from North Carolina to safety.

Can Sarah and her two-year-old son remain hidden from her husband and college sweetheart, who also happens to be a cop? With no graphic violence, "Who Brought the Dog to Church?" focuses on the psychological, emotional, and economic concerns trapping women in abusive relationships.

Those in Prosper learn to see beyond stereotypes and demonstrate the healing power of love. Despite imperfections, they radiate hope and show how Christian caring can transform individuals and their community.

“Tracy L. Smoak writes in a personable style. Although there are serious themes, her style is easy-going and peppered with humor,” said Julia Wilson, book reviewer for Christian Bookaholic.


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