Sweetie is a character in the novel Who Brought the Dog to Church?

Sweetie is a character in the novel Who Brought the Dog to Church?

Ever had tragedy strike and not know where to reach out for help?

This is the second in a series to introduce the characters in the novel, Who Brought the Dog to Church? This contemporary Christian fiction explores how to overcome adversity and grief to chart a healthy path forward.

Meet the characters (#1 of 6): Ida Lou Besco

Ida Lou Besco is an attractive, middle-aged blonde. Her husband, Richard, suffers a massive heart attack just a few weeks after they move to Prosper.

About the only thing Ida Lou has to cling to is her steadfast little Yorkie, Sweetie. Desperate for consolation, Ida Lou stumbles into the nearby church to pray for her husband. Sweetie stays right by her side, even on a plush church pew.

The pair's entry is observed by Betty Herndale, a 71-year-old widow allergic to animal hair. She is not pleased to see a “mutt” in the sacred sanctuary. As keeping everyone in order is important to Betty, she mutters displeasure under her breath.

However, as a member of The First Church of Prosper for decades, she endeavors to demonstrate her faith with practical outreaches. Betty knows the Bible says to be devoted to each other in love and to honor others above herself (Romans 12:10).

And so the story begins with false first impressions…but lives will intersect where healing can start.


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