Sometimes in life, you've got to make changes to progress.

Sometimes in life, you've got to make changes to progress.

Ever been stuck in a terrible situation and not know how to get out?

Novels may be fiction, but they often contain useful information. People caught in destructive relationships may benefit from ideas shared through book characters. In Who Brought the Dog to Church? readers can explore the complex dynamics of domestic abuse without being exposed to violence.

One of the characters, Sarah McAdams, is an attractive brunette in her mid-20s. She and her husband, Charles, have a two-year-old redhead son named Ricky. Everything looks fine on the surface as Charles is a police officer and Sarah a homemaker. But behind closed doors, Charles is a terror.

Sarah can’t take the stress anymore, but she doesn’t know what to do. Have you ever been in that situation or known someone who is? 

The idea for the story began more than a decade ago during training as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence. That is when I met a young woman seeking shelter from her husband, who was in law enforcement. Looking at her pretty face, I marveled at her courage and complex circumstances.

I pray this novel will lead people to conversations for healing. The hope is that the story will serve as a safe forum for exploring how to change destructive dynamics. The book’s purpose is to secure those who seek healthy options. Together, we can stand and say “No” to damaging behavior.

"We hear far too often the news stories after it is too late,” said Mimi Ogden, community advocate. “Unfortunately, sometimes our system fails those who have attempted to go through legal channels for protection. We just can't do enough to let people know before a crisis there is help available."

Bystanders might say, “Why don’t victims just leave?” Exiting requires resources and planning. “On average, it takes a victim seven times to leave before staying away for good,” according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Reading Who Brought the Dog to Church? will provoke thought and challenge complacency. Someone you know—maybe even next door—may be praying desperately for help. You may be their answer.


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