Seizing joy can put balance into seasons of sorrow.

Seizing joy can put balance into seasons of sorrow.

Will you hold onto God, even after tragedy?

Life has a way of knocking us down with sorrow. However, we can center ourselves with faith and regain balance by choosing joy. If you like contemporary novels about hope, read on for more information about “Who Brought the Dog to Church?”

This is the fourth article in a series to introduce the characters. Letitia Larrimore, Betty Herndale’s next-door neighbor and best friend, has salt-and-pepper hair and amber eyes. She adores startling people with outrageous outfits. Her zany personality is the perfect foil to Betty’s matter-of-fact outlook. Though Letitia may act crazy at times, when danger presents, she’s a formidable ally.

Despite the loss of her beloved husband, Letitia seizes joy and looks for new adventures. She volunteers with her friends to serve in their community. Letitia believes that God will yet fill her mouth with laughter and her lips with shouts of joy (Job 8:21).

“This delightful contemporary Christian novel is about community, care and friendship,” said Julia Wilson, reviewer for Christian Bookaholics, U.S. and U.K. “Tracy’s story tackles serious relevant issues, such as grief and domestic violence, in an easily relatable way whilst revealing the heart and love of God for His children. Tracy’s style is easy-going and peppered with humor.”

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