We can't help but sing when we feel loved.

We can't help but sing when we feel loved.

Dancing expresses a joy that words cannot capture. The freedom to spin, hop, and hold each other close is exciting. Whether or not we are agile or athletic, there is one Partner who invites us for every song. God catches our eye across the dance floor of life, strolls toward us, and extends His hand.

Caught up in His embrace, we whirl to heavenly music that takes us beyond daily cares and disappointments. As we follow His lead, our feet tap over hardship. With His tender touch guiding us, we can be confident in the next move.

Today’s Bible verse:

“Again you will take up your timbrels (tambourines) and go out to dance with the joyful” (Jeremiah 31:4 NIV).

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Tracy's devotions set to music at https://youtu.be/rsnFkWII1q4