God helps us find the connections we need.

God helps us find the connections we need.

Life can be puzzling. Despite setting goals and working toward them, outcomes often surprise us. They aren’t what we expect. Then we have a choice: look for God to reveal the good, or turn away in disappointment because events don’t unfold the way we want.

For weeks, I have recuperated from a painful back injury and depended on others for help. Walking my dog, cooking dinners, and getting the mail have been difficult. I don’t like suffering, nor do I want to lose the ability to be self-sufficient.

Days spent resting and healing give opportunity to reflect. I have been well cared for and lack nothing. However, my body is taking much longer to cooperate than I would like. I have gone from visiting the gym three days a week to celebrating walking outside for a short trip.

The biggest challenge is keeping my heart right. With each painful spasm, I focus on courage and ask God for the faith to keep moving, trusting that better times are ahead.

Have you also suffered? What helps you persevere?

One easy activity I can do is word finds in a pocket book of activities. I examine the block of letters in neat rows, hoping to find patterns. I look for clues pointing out hidden phrases. Where does a W camp out that shows the beginning of what I want to find?

Nestled near the bottom, I might spy a hint of a word camouflaged by busy letters down a column. Reading vertically from right to left uncovers another find I may have otherwise missed. Maybe God interrupts routines to get me to see occurrences in a new way.

The search goes on for how to make the most of this season. I accept the discipline of waiting and pray for God to reveal what I need to see to better connect with Him.

Today’s prayer:

Dear Lord, I hurt and ask for your mercy to heal my body from pain and my heart from fear. Thank you for the many people you have sent to help.

Bible Verse:

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3 NIV).