A quilt created a warm cocoon inside the bedroom. Frosty weather made getting up difficult.

Gloomy skies peeked in the window, and the sun appeared to be on strike. But because my tummy rumbled with hunger, feet braved the cold and glided into furry slippers. Shrugging on a fluffy housecoat, I shuffled to the kitchen.

Nothing in the fridge except milk and butter. Nada in the freezer. Pantry had canned chili and collard greens. Not exactly banquet material for breakfast. (Grocery shopping is not my favorite chore, so I put it off. This time though, I may have waited too long.)

Grumbling about “nothing to eat,” I had only myself to blame. Then I remembered a dear elderly lady named Mrs. Fineis who taught me as a teen how to crochet. She used to say, “Want is the mother of invention.”

So I reconsidered options and looked again with an eye toward possibilities. In the far corner of the pantry, a container of oatmeal offered, “How about me?”

Got out a saucepan and measured water to boil, added a dash of sea salt. While that heated, I opened the freezer again and pulled out a blue bag of coconut flakes and Georgia pecans. Well, why not?

With a new mindset, now I was on a roll. Fresh butter, milk, cinnamon, golden raisins and raw honey lined the counter to assemble in the parade. Once everything was ready, I filled a bowl and sat down to enjoy the feast. And how delicious was that hot breakfast!

Instead of complaining about what lacked, I had only to look for what was at hand. How about you? Can you think of ways to innovate with what you already have and re-purpose it for what’s needed? 

When Moses doubted that he could accomplish God’s tasks, God asked, “What is that in your hand?”

In the rough field, Moses looked at the gnarled wooden shepherd’s staff in his hands. That tool is what God transformed so Moses could do miracles. “But take this staff in your hand so you can perform the signs with it,” (Exodus 4:17 NIV).

We also need to see God’s gifts in the common, right in front of our noses. We’ll be delighted with the results of relying on Him to equip us for every task. Time to move ahead.

Today’s prayer:

Dear Lord, please help us see opportunities and use imagination. Thank you for providing for our needs. Amen.