Dallis Wehr's food ministry provides meals for hundreds

Dallis Wehr's food ministry provides meals for hundreds

Stirring up Kindness

Dallis Wehr has a BIG family. In fact, she feeds hundreds of people weekly. As the food ministry manager of Living Hope Church, she extends hospitality throughout the community.

If you visit her kitchen before Wednesday night dinners, you will see a multigenerational team of men and women working in tight quarters to prepare delicious meals.

Michael Bouschet chops scallions for the garnish on Dallis’ teriyaki chicken. He banters back and forth with Dallis while they prep foods.

“Dallis likes to mess with me,” Michael said, adding that she is a great mentor teaching him the ins and outs of a commercial operation. “We did have a stern conversation when I messed up the marinade yesterday.”

While Dallis wrestles a 50-pound bag of rice, other workers flit about on their separate errands. One prepares rolls while another slices chocolate cake. The well-orchestrated team juggles myriad tasks under time pressure.

They labor to create nutritious meals according to state regulations. Dallis’ kitchen feeds seniors at a daycare center, adults with special needs, the homeless, and elderly residents who live alone. She also coordinates lunches for 186 students enrolled at the church’s school, as well as serves at church functions. They prioritize civic outreach in the city and county.

“We want to show Christian hospitality and the love of Jesus in everything we do,” Dallis said.

However, the workload can be daunting. “The physical part can be difficult,” Dallis said. “Your feet and back hurt standing for long hours. Even stirring on this large scale can strain shoulders.”

In addition to the hard labor, Dallis also juggles the budget to ensure healthy servings at an affordable price. “Nothing is wasted,” said Susie Bartlett. “We make use of every little thing.”

Caring is the ingredient flavoring everything on the menu.

“Dallis has a servant’s heart, and she is willing to meet the needs of those who are hungry for food and fellowship,” said Senior Pastor Dough Kokx.

Today’s Bible Verse:

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have show hospitality to angels without knowing it,” Hebrews 13:2 NIV).