Children on a playground can teach adults life lessons

Children on a playground can teach adults life lessons

Children at the playground can teach adults a lot. They race to each new activity and can’t wait to experience a new adventure. Do we exercise the same joy and happy anticipation about life?

            Youngsters hold hands without being self-conscious. They laugh out loud and sometimes forget to tie their shoes. Do we look outward more than inward?

            Little ones reach for the next rung on the metal monkey bar and let their feet dangle. Even if they miss the mark and drop to the mulch, they dust themselves off and run up the ladder to try again. Do we let one defeat stop our effort?

            Children call out invitations to join in the fun. They run faster and faster around the spinning ring. Some dare to stand; others hurry to jump on. Do we center our efforts on pooling strengths for a common goal?   

            Youngsters do not want to miss a single thing, and they are reluctant to leave the playground. They know more good times are to be had. Do we allow ourselves to set aside burdens and play?

            When Jesus’ disciples asked him who would be the most important in the kingdom, he gave a surprising response and called a little child to stand by him. “…Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:1-2 NIV).

            Jesus counseled that we should adopt the humble posture of a child who seeks him and appreciates each moment. That’s an opportunity we can embrace with joy.  


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