No need to be afraid of the dark when God protects your soul.

No need to be afraid of the dark when God protects your soul.

Keeper of the Soul   

Night is often a time of fear and unease. Creepy crawlies seem to come out then. But what if we choose to see the incredible beauty instead?

With the recent full moon, I was outside admiring constellations while cloud formations drifted across the heavens in a stately parade. Awe filled me for God’s majesty. There is so much more to this life than we can comprehend.

Maybe you feel small sometimes too in comparison with the universe. In the Old Testament, Job suffers greatly and feels as though God has abandoned him. Nothing was further from the truth. God knew Job would remain faithful, even when all abundance disappeared.

God reassured Job that He is in charge and powerful beyond compare. “Can you bring forth the constellations in their season?” God said. “Who has wisdom to count the clouds?” (Job 38)

Our Lord placed the moon to light up even darkness. Trust Him to guide you through difficulty. When you marvel at the stars, you see evidence of order and God at work. He orchestrates seasons.

Put your hope in Him. He who paints the heavens sees you and loves you. He will deliver.


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